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Machines Control

by Francesco D'Andrea



Written, arranged and performed by
Francesco D'Andrea © 2009-2011. All rights reserved.


released January 14, 2011

Voice, guitars, bass and drums by Francesco D'Andrea
Ukulele, harmonica by Francesco D'Andrea
Lyrics, Mix & Mastering by Francesco D'Andrea
© 2010 - 2012, Francesco D'Andrea. All rights reserved.

Special Thanks to: Gianni "Johndan", Norma, Emilia, Rossella & Ciro D. Thanks to Pearl Jam for giving me strenght and inspiration.

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all rights reserved


Francesco D'Andrea London, UK

Francesco D'Andrea is a soundtrack composer for cinema, TV, advertising and videogames. His music has been used in such great TV shows and promos as "House", "Southpark", "How I met your mother", "Glee"; and many feature films and advertising.
For any inquire or comments check the contact section. Have a nice listening and...share the music if you like it! :)
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Track Name: Burning in waters, drowning in flames
Burning in waters, drowning in flames

I won't stare at the clouds of today
cause I'm gone before they're leaving
packed my thoughts tided them pretty clenched
so this time they won't show in my head

and all I ever was I've not been there yet
and wherever I'm going now that's ok

talk to all my friends that I never had
tell my name them 'n ask how they're feeling
and sorry for leaving you alone right there
did I mention that I wouldn't leave?

but all I ever was has not been there
and wherever you'll go I'll be changed
and wherever you'll go I'll be changed

sorry for painting our names without shades
all the days that we had to live
now they're burning in waters and drowning in flames
did I was wrong, or wrong was in me?

and all I ever was, has not been there
and wherever you'll go I'll be changed
and wherever you'll go I'll be changed