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King Jew's Harp

by Francesco D'Andrea



Music made for "Mini Dofus" cartoon teaser, by the major french company ANKAMA Animations.

To play the music together with the ANKAMA video, go here:

The trailer shows the different worlds and characters of the cartoon, so you'll hear some music changes, with different arrangements and sounds.
In the first part there is a soft introduction which plays as the cartoon logo signature and introduces the ambience of the first setting.

After a while the orchestral arrangement interrupts, when in the video some characters begin to run fast, and a guitar breaks in, doubled by banjo and drums. The little voices that you can hear are a blend of synths and real voices, digitally processed. They're re-introduced in the "dance" part in the middle, but with different timbers (wha wha guitar, then synths again). From the middle of the piece, the "naive" theme is continuosly proposed in different ways.

The briefing asked for a joyful atmosphere, constantly growing until the end.
For this work I made a large use of Fender Stratocaster and Aria Pro II vintage custom guitars, often doubled on the octave or on the major triad, on separate channels.

I also played a bunch of synths like Absynth, Fm8 and Massive. But I also gave a try to some quite unknowed free VSTs for some small parts lower in the mix. It was fun.

This work was part of a music research commissioned by ANKAMA to find the background theme to present this new cartoon serie.

All the video content except my music is copyrighted and belongs to ANKAMA.


released April 2, 2010
© Music written, arranged and performed by Francesco D'Andrea - All rights reserved
© Linked video and image by Ankama animations, all rights reserved



all rights reserved


Francesco D'Andrea London, UK

Francesco D'Andrea is a soundtrack composer for cinema, TV, advertising and videogames. His music has been used in such great TV shows and promos as "House", "Southpark", "How I met your mother", "Glee"; and many feature films and advertising.
For any inquire or comments check the contact section. Have a nice listening and...share the music if you like it! :)
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