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Minimal, synthetic music theme for the Flash videogame "UFHO", a unique turn-based multiplayer puzzle game that blends an original concept with addicting game mechanics and a bit of strategy.

The small alien voices where made both with synths and human recordings, then digitally processed. The main theme music playing in the background was asked to be minimal and singable.

The game designer conceived the possibility for players to choose "their own" theme, to get a more customizable experience of the turn-based process. Each player can choose a track of its own from an array of small tunes all related to the main theme. The aim was to compose each theme with a unique and remarkable identity, to enrich player's opportunity to customize his play experience.

Every track had to reconnect to the idea of supposed "extra-terrestrial" languages of UFHO's alien races. The tracks were asked to be loopable and "gentle" enough so players won't get disturbed or annoyed while focused on playing.

Video trailer here:


from UFHO2 Original Soundtrack, released January 13, 2011
© Written, arranged and performed by Francesco D'Andrea - All rights reserved



all rights reserved


Francesco D'Andrea London, UK

Francesco D'Andrea is a soundtrack composer for cinema, TV, advertising and videogames. His music has been used in such great TV shows and promos as "House", "Southpark", "How I met your mother", "Glee"; and many feature films and advertising.
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